Designing Tips

Decorating a child’s room does not have to be challenging or overwhelming. In fact it is fun to use your imagination. also a good idea to get the child’s input, as they would want to be part of the process.  With a few easy tips anyone can decorate a child’s room with ease.
A child’s room is their own sanctuary. It is where they spend a lot of their time.  Whether it is playing, doing homework, reading and of course where they sleep.  Taking the time to carefully plan the design of the room is a great way to show your love for them.
How you decorate the child’s room depends on factors like their age, gender, hobbies, interests, and favorite colors.  Again, involving the child will help with the decision making.
Firstly, you need to come up with a layout of the room.  You will want the room to be multifunctional.  You can divide it into different zones, for example a play area and a study zone.  Storage is also important.  This helps the room from becoming messy and keeps it functional.
Once you’ve chosen the wall color and/ or theme, you are ready to accessorize. Furniture is vital to decorating the child’s room. Place the furniture so you maximize space in the room. It is also fun to find the perfect bedding so the room is inviting. From wall decals to bedding are a great non permanent way to decorate. Find some great lighting to match the decor.Prints for the wall bring the room together.

Keep window treatment as simple as possible i.e. shorter curtains are a good choice as they are safer. Long draperies should be avoided When you see the joy in the child’s face when it’s completed, you’ll realize what a rewarding experience decorating can be.The child will say this is A Room of My Own.